3 Rules Every Man Needs To Live His Best Life

3 Rules Every Man Should Follow To Live Their Best Life

There are no magic pills for living a better life. I know because I’ve tried to find them.  For years I was interested in the easy way to improve myself and my position in life.  What I’ve found is that successful people (and by successful I mean in personal and professional lives) generally have the following three qualities.  Once I started applying these things to my life things started to improve.  I got a good job, my social calendar was packed, and I was treating the people around me with respect. Below are the the three rules we try to live by every day here at Culture Carton.  They are the distillation of what we’ve read, experienced, and experimented with.

How To Be A Modern Man
The 3 Rules You Need To Become A Modern Gentleman

1. Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is the great differentiator in life, and has been throughout history. It is the thing that can give you the competitive edge, and set you above your competition. Having knowledge, and being able to communicate that knowledge are the two things that will move you forward in life.  

Let’s be honest, most people are lazy.  They aren’t going to go that extra mile to learn new things that will make them better personally and professionally.  A movement of one inch in the right direction is often enough to make a sizable gap between you and the guy next to you.  He isn’t putting in the work to learn how to fix his leaky sink, and he isn’t saving money on plumbers like you are.  He isn’t investing in himself by learning skills to move forward at his job, and he isn’t making great jumps in his career like you are.  He doesn’t have the knowledge to succeed, you do.

Practical Tips To Gain Knowledge:


I’m a reader, always have been, and always will be. It always surprises me how few readers I find in the wild.  This comes from being forced to read uninteresting books in school when we’d rather be doing other things.  This has left such a sour taste in many people that they never return. It’s a tragedy because the single greatest way to gain knowledge is by reading. Reading great fiction improves your emotional intelligence and your vocabulary.  Reading biographies and nonfiction will provide real world tips and tricks from the greatest minds to live on earth.

Always Be Learning:

Be interested in the world around you, the great men and women who have come before you and who are living now.  Read about what they did to succeed and implement it in your life.  Try out Benjamin Franklin’s weekly schedule or live like a Stoic philosopher for a week.  Add what works for you and discard what doesn’t (more on this in our post The One Quote That Will Change Your Life).

2. Dress For Success

It’s so easy to roll out of bed, throw on the sweatpants and sweatshirt (I’m a full groufit type of guy) and shuffle on down to the grocery store or post office.  The problem is you get judged by the story your outfit tells.  How you put yourself together is how you present yourself to the world.  It’s a story you are telling to everyone you meet, make sure you are telling the story you want it to tell.  

Dress like the person you want to be, and you will start to be recognized as that man.  Once again it’s about the effort you put in that the guy next to you isn’t putting in.  First impressions are a big deal, and you want to nail yours.  You never know who you will bump into on any given outing. It could be your future wife, a potential employer, a business partner, or some other impactful person.  Don’t spoil those opportunities by starting off on the wrong foot with a sloppy appearance.  

Practical Tips For Dressing Better:

Stick to the Basics:

When starting out don’t put the cart before the horse.  You can worry about custom suits and which accessories to wear later.  For now, focus on the basics.  This will vary depending on your occupation and your personal taste.  For most people some dark jeans, chinos, and a few button down shirts will get you through the workweek and weekend in style. Check out stores like Uniqlo and J. Crew, and even Target.

Fit is Everything:

Make sure that your clothes fit you well.  It’s the goldilocks formula, too baggy is no good, and too tight is not right.  You will look the best in clothes that fit you the best.  A $7 alteration to a piece of clothing can make all the difference.  Take your measurements and try to get clothes that match them as best as possible.  If not take them to a tailor.

Find a Tailor:

Tailors are your best friend.  They can make your $20 shirt look like a $100 shirt, and a $1000 suit look like it was made just for you.  This is how you get the custom fit.  

3. Always Be A Gentleman

A Gentleman is never out of place, whether he’s at a ballgame with friends or giving a presentation at work. He’s got the knowledge and the style to fit in in any situation.  He’s not flashy, but he makes an impact on any room he steps in.  He gives respect, and he gets respect.

You have to give respect to get respect. Treat every man, woman, and child you come across as if they are they are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It’s the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated (I know this is a cliche, but it’s true). I don’t know about any of you, but I would like to be treated as well as possible.

Practical Tips for Being a Modern Gentleman:


Whenever I find myself slipping into rudeness, or not paying attention to those around me, it seems to stem from having too much on my mind.  Without fail whenever my mind starts getting to busy it’s because I slipped up on my meditiation.  Meditation slows your mind down, clarifies your thoughts, and calms you down.  It’s like taking a deep breath for your brain.  Best of all it’s easy to do.  Just sit down and breath.  Don’t worry about all the fancy techniques, or finding a mantra, or going to your “happy place”.  Just sit down, focus on your breath, and notice when your mind starts getting crowded.  When you notice that, try to calm it down again.  Rinse and repeat.  If you want guided meditations check out Youtube or any of the hundreds of apps that are out there to help you, and keep your eyes peeled for our Beginner’s Guide to Meditation coming soon.

 Take Action:

Don’t just fantasize about living the life you want, take action and make it happen.  This is different for everybody, but all that is required is to think about your ideal lifestyle, and taking the steps to get there.  Want to start waking up early? Go to bed earlier, move your alarm clock across the room, and establish the habit.  Do you want to be the kind of guy who always knows what is happening in your city?  Check out the blogs and websites dedicated to events in your city and start attending. Remember Newton’s First Law: “An object at rest stays at rest object in motion stays in motion…”.


It’s tough figuring out where to start.  There is so much information out there, and so many new products coming out it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’re trying to take some of the work out of this for you.  We’ve spent years reading books and trying new products in our own personal quest to becoming better men.  I’m not saying that we are perfect, or that our journey is close to being done, but that we have started our path and done some of the leg work already.  We’re asking you to join us on this journey.  Comment below with the rules you follow in life.


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