3 Tricks To Double The Amount Of Books You Read

Three Simple Tricks To Double The Amount You Read:
Reading has always come natural to me. It was something I’ve done to entertain myself from a young age that has turned into a useful tool as I grow older. It’s an amazing way to see new points of view, and to learn new concepts. I know that reading isn’t as natural for everybody and that it can be a challenge to read as much as you may want.
With that being said reading more isn’t the goal. Consuming more content for consumption’s sake isn’t what you want. You’re not trying to tick off a box for a certain amount of books read. Use these as a tool to ingrain reading as a habit in your life.
Below are three tricks I use to read twice as much.
Simple Tricks To Read More
3 Simple Tricks To Double The Amount Of Books You Read


Schedule Time To Read

It’s as simple as it sounds. Find some free time in your day and put “READ” on your calendar. For most people reading is an “extra”/”would be nice” kind of activity. It will fall through the cracks of your busy day unless you put it on your schedule. I use the calendar app on my phone to block off the 30 minutes before work and 30 minutes before bed for “Reading”. I use it as a time to get my mind going and active before work, and as a tool to calm my mind before going to sleep.
When reading has become a habit it will become easier and easier to find time to do it. But until that happens, it’s easiest to put it on your schedule. The time that works for you is the best time.

Read Two Books At Once

This is something I’ve done for the past 3 years or so. I always have two books going in a rotation, one fiction and one non fiction. I like to read non fiction throughout the morning and during the day, and read fiction before bed.
Reading one book from each format (fiction and non fiction) allows me to keep the two books separate in my mind. It’s like watching a documentary and a sitcom. I can process the information from both without diluting either.
I end my morning routine with a biography or memoir of someone interesting or inspiring. Something that gets my mind active and thinking as a way to start the day.
At night, after turning off my electronics, I read a novel or short story to help calm my mind and ease into sleep.

Use Audiobooks


What do you do while commuting to work? Cooking? Cleaning the house? Most people listen to music, or work in dutiful silence. I like to monopolize on these tasks by listening to an audiobook (or podcast). Imagine how much time you use up on your daily commute. By adding a book into that rotation you can easily add 20-45 minutes of solid reading time into your day.
Some people don’t think that listening to an audiobook “counts” as reading. But who cares what they think. As long as you are gaining new information, new ideas, or new stories then it “counts”. Plus we aren’t reading to impress others, we’re reading to learn, and to see other points of view.


There have been many reports in the past few years about how few adults read. Using these three simple tricks to up your reading game will help you set yourself apart from the rest.
Use these three tactics to read more. You will learn, and you will be entertained, and you will see the world in a new light. With the tools above you’ll be able to significantly increase the amount of books you are currently reading.
Comment below with the tricks you use to read more.