The Road: Book Review

The Road: Book Review

The Road is a modern American classic.  It’s a bleak story of a father and son trying to survive in a post apocalyptic America.  It’s a story of the bond between father and son, and a story about trying to retain your humanity when it seems there is none left in the world.

The book begins with the nameless father and son journeying South as Winter approaches in the shell of a former world.  You are led to believe it is some sort of post Apocalyptic America, although it is never specified.  Throughout their journey South the father tries to shield his son from the harshness of the world they now live in.  Despite his best efforts more and more harrowing events befall the two travelers.

After a brief respite in a hidden bunker the father and son have a glimpse of hope.  The Southern coast and survival are near.  Despite all of the turmoil and evil surrounding them the boy remains innocent and insistent on helping travelers they find on the road.  The hope that the South would be more habitable than the place they came from is soon dashed.  It seems as if humanity is no longer destined to survive, and that perhaps this father and son are the only good people left.

By the end of the book we discover that there are more good people “carrying the fire” and building a new community.

This book is unlike any book we’ve put in Culture Carton before.  Although it is a dark and foreboding story it is also a story of hope.  A story of hope, and resiliency, and the true bond between a father and son.  It gives a glimpse into the lengths a person will go to to defend the people they love and to protect their values.  It paints a dark and dreary portrait of what a post apocalyptic world could be, but shows that through it all even one person can keep “carrying the fire” of humanity.

Cormac McCarthy released this book in 2006 and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2007.  It was included in Oprah’s Book Club and has received near unanimous acclaim.  It is a deep and powerful read that we can’t recommend enough.

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