Welcome to the Culture Carton blog. We decided to start Culture Carton because we had a passion for cool products, reading and continued learning. We want to translate that passion into something tangible, and practical for you. That’s where this blog comes in.

In the coming weeks, months, and years we’d like to provide a resource for you. To start off we’d like to share a little bit about ourselves and what you can expect from this blog going forward.

About Us:

We are two brothers from Philadelphia. We’ve spent years talking about business ideas, and how to make our mark in the world. A constant theme of these conversations was how to start a business that could help guys like us. Men who want to improve their lives, help their families and learn something new along the way.

We first went into business together shoveling snow as boys during the winters of our youth. Shuffling from door to door in the snowy streets for $20 a house talking about what we’d do with our new riches. After those youthful winters, our business paths went separate ways.

We both went on to college and started our professional lives. All the while reading as much as we could get our hands on and trying out products from cool businesses.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that some of our initial ideas for businesses started to percolate and we considered going into business together. Once we realized there wasn’t a resource online for guys like us, we launched Culture Carton.

What You Can Expect From The Blog:

This blog has the end goal of being a resource for you, and all people who want to better themselves. We will be featuring interviews with interesting people, tips, and tricks for crushing life and product and book reviews. We’re going to be writing articles and content for men who want to start making an impact on their lives. Everything from health and finance to style tips and everything between. We want to provide a resource for men like us, a place where every piece of content can add some value to the person reading it.

We have lofty goals for this blog and believe we will be able to add some real value to the crowded world of blogging. Stay tuned as we continue to develop this community.

Thanks for reading,

Ryan and Joe