What Can You Expect From Us?

What Can You Expect From Culture Carton?

At Culture Carton, we are on a continuous journey to become better men. We want to improve our lives, help our families and learn something new along the way. Our promise is to provide something missing in the world of subscription boxes. A box for men who like to read, and improve themselves, a box for guys like us.

Who is Culture Carton for?  

Culture Carton is for anybody who aspires to live a better life. For the guy who wants to start reading more, but doesn’t know where to start. For the guy who already reads 52 books a year, but struggles finding the next book on his list.  For the guy who wants to find the best new gear to use.  If you want to stop settling for the status quo then Culture Carton is for you.

How do I become a better man? Where do I even begin?

Culture Carton eliminates the time and effort of finding the best tools and resources for self improvement. We take the hassle out of finding the best books and best products for improving your life. Join us as we bring culture back to manhood, monthly.

Every month you will receive two different ways to invest in yourself. First, you will receive a hand selected book. This will be a book that belongs on every man’s bookshelf. A book that adds something to your life. It could be an insight into how to improve your life, an interesting phrase or even a whole new way of thinking. The book genre will vary month to month, but you can expect the best of; literature, philosophy, and personal development. Education combined with action is the key to success. By taking the effort out of finding new books, it makes your path to action much clearer.

American entrepreneur, Jim Rohn said it best, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” “Fortune” as we interpret it is unique for each individual.  Perhaps your fortune is intellectual growth or financial stability. Personal development and finance books will help you with obtainable, real life skills. Skills that can add to your personal, professional, or home life.

Reading fiction will expose you to the writings of great authors. It will increase your creativity, empathy, and vocabulary, along with many other benefits. Being well read will make it that much easier to make an impact on your life. Being exposed to a new book each month will add to your life in both the personal and professional worlds. After reading, follow us on social media for the motivation to take action and make an impact on your life

Now that you have a new book taking up space on your bookshelf it’s time to take action in the real world.  We provide you with a hand picked selection of lifestyle items.

Our subscription box will help supplement your personal growth. As a subscriber you will receive a curated selection of lifestyle items, monthly. Grooming, style, tech, food, stationery, everyday carry, nothing is off of the table. You will discover new products, new brands, new tools to invest in yourself. Stop being pigeon holed into one category by those other boxes. Our interests don’t fall into one category, and neither do yours. We champion well-rounded gentlemen and won’t limit your experience with one genre. We promise you will love the versatility of contents in our carton every month.